Hector Rail signs new agreement with Van Dieren

Hector Rail and Van Dieren Maritime have signed a new agreement. The original agreement covered non-stop daily runs between Norrköping and the Ruhr from the turn of the year. The new agreement includes runs between Västerås and the Ruhr. The service is planned to start in September 2008, initially two runs a week in each direction. This agreement is also 5-year. For the customers it will provide a new high quality rapid connection.

Van Dieren Maritime is rapidly expanding on the Scandinavia – Continent market. The combination of own non-stop trains and flexible car distribution has proven to be very successful. Quality, climate adaptation and cost-effectiveness (by avoiding the German HDV tax “Mauten”) are the success factors.

Hector Rails’ trains run from Sweden to Germany using the same locomotive all the way. With no stops to change locomotives, the trains average 70 km/h without the risk of Autobahn traffic jams.

Like all modern electric locomotives, these locomotives have electrical brakes which generate electricity that is fed back to the railway’s electrical system to be used by other railway vehicles. Rail transport using this type of locomotive is the most environmental type of land-based transport

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