Hector Rail signs five year agreement with Veolia Transpo

The market for inter-city passenger traffic in Sweden is open. Veolia Transport was the first company to launch a regular service. Since 2009 they have been operating mainly between Stockholm and Malmö. From the beginning, Veolia Transport has contracted Hector Rail as traction provider. The parties have now signed a five year contract. According to the new contract Hector Rail shall from this fall provide locos approved for 200 km/h. Hector Rail works as a sub-contractor and only provides the traction for the trains.

Veolia Transport has rapidly become a new alternative in the liberalized inter-city passenger railway market. From the start in 2009, when trains were only running during week-ends, the Stockholm – Malmö service is now one or two trains in each direction seven days per week.

With the new five year agreement Hector Rail shall from this fall provide locos which can run up to 200 km/h. This agreement is a natural development of the co-operations which started in the early summer of 2009. Since then Hector Rail has provided traction to Veolia Transport’s trains. The trains have been running mainly between Stockholm and Malmö, but also to winter resort areas in Northern Sweden.

The role of Hector Rail is strictly as a sub-contracted traction provider. The service concept on board and the offer to the passengers is in the hands of our customer, in this case Veolia Transport.

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