Hector Rail purchases 10 six axle locos

Hector Rail has purchased 10 six axle locos from DB Schenker (DB Class 151). The locos are built in the mid-seventies. The delivery of the locos will take place during 2016 and 2017.

The locomotives are powerful but still much more cost efficient to purchase compared to new locomotives. This makes them an attractive solution in the segment of short distance heavy transports. But they are also an attractive alternative for other segments in the railway market such as intermodal transports.

In order secure a cost efficient refurbishment and to secure spare part supply in the future operation a total of 15 locomotives have been purchased. Five of the locomotives will be used as spare part donors.

With this type of locomotives Hector Rail can provide a new concept to the market compared the rented modern locos, which is the standard solution for other “non-incumbent” railway operators in the market. This is possible for us thanks to the financial strength of Hector Rail.

Some data of the locomotives
Axles, number: 6
Weight, tons: 118
Power, kW: 6288
Start tractive effort, kN: 395
Maximum Speed, km/h: 120
Production year: 1972-1978

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