Hector Rail continues to transport timber for Stora Enso until 2022

Hector Rail and Stora Enso have agreed to continue cooperation to transport timber from Norway to mills in Skoghall (Karlstad) and Grums until end of 2022. The cooperation began in 2008 and the business has since then tripled the volumes. As part of the modernisation of the business will Hector Rail insert freight wagons with larger profile and introduce new locomotives, which means better environmental adaptation and more streamlined operations.

The service means transports of approximately 1.5 million cubic meters of timber from a number of terminals in Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. The new arrangement will be introduced by 2018 and means that Hector Rail is developing the wagon fleet with larger profile. The new arrangement has a strong focus on the environment, rationality and quality.

A large part of the production will be done by completely new electric locomotives. The new locomotives mean a better environmental profile since they can feed back electricity when braking. New locomotives mean by its high reliability also a robust and high quality production. The new locos are also equipped with a so-called ”extra mile” function. This means that the locos with the help of an installed diesel engine and radio remote control can effectively shunt wagons to and from terminals.

Hector Rail has decided to invest in new locomotives. This is part of Hector Rail’s commitment to be a leader in providing innovative and sustainable rail solutions. In addition to regenerative braking extra-mile-diesel and radio remote control can new locomotives haul even heavier trains than previous locomotive generations. This allows more cargo to be transported in each train.

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