Hector Rail buys additional locos from Bombardier & MRCE

Hector Rail has signed an agreement to buy two locomotives from Bombardier in addition to the ten already in operation. Hector Rail has also called another used so-called “Taurus” locomotive from MRCE. Currently, Hector Rail loco fleet consists of 32 line haul locos and five smaller shunters. With the ordered locomotives, the number of line haul locos will increase to 37. Hector Rail has also a not yet triggered option for another three Taurus locomotives.

The locomotives from Bombardier are of their proven Traxx-type. Currently, Hector Rail has ten such locomotives in service; all of them can be used for cross border trains Germany-Denmark-Sweden. This fleet is currently completely utilized. The two additional locomotives means that Hector Rail can continue to offer the market transports with direct cross border locomotives Sweden – Germany. The two recently ordered locomotives will be delivered in late August 2011. Hector Rail has on option for additional four locomotives.

The locomotives purchased from MRCE (Mitsui Rail Capital Europe) are of the type known as class 242 in Hector Rail (also known as “Taurus-locos”). They are four-axle locomotives, which is barely a decade old. The locos are so-called “universal locos”. This means that they are equally suitable for hauling heavy freight trains or to pull fast passenger trains. They have a maximum speed of 230 km/h and can recuperate the braking energy back to the electric power system.

Hector Rail’s locomotive fleet, which by following these orders will consist of 37 line haul locomotives is Scandinavia’s most eco-friendly. 19 of the electric locomotives (54% of electric loco fleet) consist of locomotives that can recuperate electrical energy during braking. The two diesel locomotives in the fleet are modern and meet stringent emission requirements.

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