1000 trains connecting Scandinavia and the Continent via Denmark

Hector Rail has by now operated more than 1000 trains through Denmark. This operation is possible since Hector Rail has invested in locomotives with the special equipment required to cross the Öresund Bridge. These locomotives are capable of operation in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. On January 26 Hector Rail started to run trains between Malmö and Duisburg. Hector Rail acts in this operation as a subcontractor to TX Logistik, who has created this non-stop service Malmö — Duisburg.

The new contract with TX Logistik has duration of three years. The total trip Malmö – Duisburg takes approximately 13 hours. The distance is more than 900 kilometres; consequently the average speed is approximately 70 km/h through three countries. The average speed is typical also for other direct trains between Scandinavia and the continent operated by Hector Rail.

Each train in the corridor replaces almost 40 trucks. Standard trailers and so called mega trailers as well as containers are possible to be carried on the trains. The locomotives meet the highest possible environmental standards, since they are equipped with regenerative brakes. This means breaking energy is converted to electricity on board the locomotive and fed back to the railway electric network.

This is a very future oriented transport solution. With future oriented we mean short lead times, high quality and to meet highest possible demands on minimising impact on climate and environment.

First direct train in the corridor Scandinavia – Germany was operated 4th of January 2008 for the Dutch forwarder Van Dieren Maritime. Since then such trains has been a standard operation for Hector Rail and more than 1000 trains have run on the tracks through Denmark, replacing more than 35 000 truck loads.

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