Hector Rail begins with short notice to transport 2.5 million cubic meters of round wood

Hector Rail and Trätåg AB has agreed that Hector Rail with short notice begins to operate the so-called ”Trätågs-concept”. This means that Hector Rail will transport about 2.5 million cubic meters of round wood from various timber terminals to a number of mills in central Sweden. The first trains are expected to be in operation before Christmas. The agreement is for five years.

Hector Rail will initially operate like today’s set-up, but will in a future situation streamline the production by inserting completely new electric locomotives in the service. These locomotives mean a more rational production by larger and heavier trains and the locomotives can at the terminals operate without the catenary and the locos can be remote controlled.

Among the major terminals Lomsmyren in Mora, Vansbro and Ljusdal can be mentioned. Among the larger reception mills there are Kvarnsveden in Borlänge, Skutskär and Gruvön in Grums.

– Different, better, faster is what Hector Rail stands for. In this situation, we really have to show that this is not empty words. We are proud that Trätåg AB trust us to this challenging task in such a time-critical situation, says Mats Nyblom MD at Hector Rail AB. We are well prepared and will with this service transport roughly six million cubic meters of round wood annually. It might mean we are Europe’s largest round wood carrier.

The background to the need for rapid start-up is that the previous supplier of these services has become financially insolvent.

– We are pleased to see Hector Rail have both the will and the ability that under these circumstances with short preparation time to take on the challenge of the “Trätåg concept”. Meanwhile, Hector Rail has also been able to see and take advantage of, the opportunities offered by new technologies for the benefit of us as cargo owners, comments Olle Pettersson, MD of Trätåg AB

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