With 366 units built the Rc series is the most produced locomotive type through the Swedish railway history. Rc locos were built from 1967 to 1988 in four different sub classes and with two different design speeds. The thyristor technology was, when it was introduced in the mid 60’s, cutting edge technology and the Swedish manufacturer Asea was leading the global development.

Now the Rc locos have matured to modern classics. The vast majority of the locomotives are still in daily operation all over Sweden.

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Locomotive Description

Hector Rail class: 143


  • 143.039, “Berserk”
    143.046, “Prins August”
    143.048, “Saga”
    143.054, “Halfdan Snälle”
    143.059, “Fenrisulfven”
    143.060, “Jernsida”
    143.061, “Valkyrian”
    143.064, “Bifrost”

Locomotive Features

Built year 1969-1971
Built by Asea (electric part)
Total locos built 110 (Rc2 and Rc3)
Locos at Hector Rail 8
Operational in SE
Axle configuration Bo'Bo'