Where do you find the names to your locomotives?

Each locotype has its own characteristics, some are rough and other more quiet. We try to find fitting names for our locos from known characters to emphasise their personality. By naming our locos we see them as individuals and give them the attention they deserve.

I love building loco models on my spare-time and am now planning to make a model of one of your beautiful trains. I wonder which colours are used in your loco-design?

We are happy to learn that our locos are appreciated in all environments and sizes.
The colours used are:
Grey: RAL 7015 (Pantone Black 7 U/ Cool gray 10 C, NCS S7005-R80B)
Orange: RAL 2004 (Pantone 158C, NCS S1080-Y60R)
Our logo is: RAL 1003 (Pantone 123C / 109 U, NSC S1080-Y10R), RAL 7015 (Pantone Black 7 U/ Cool gray 10 C, NSC S7005-R80B), RAL 7035 (Pantone Cool gray 6C/5U, NCS S2002-G)