Inaguration ceremony in Malungsfors

On Tuesday, August 20th, the Västerdalsbanan was re-opened in Malungsfors. Freight traffic ceased to and from the city over 20 years ago and is now resumed. The track has been renovated and trains can now run the route between Malungsfors and Rågsveden. During the inauguration ceremony, besides our CEO Claes Scheibe, who gave a small speech in front of ca 500 listeners, the Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth (S), Lena Erixon, Director General of the Swedish Transport Administration, Ylva Thörn, County Governor, Olle Larsson, CEO Fiskarheden and Fredrik Munter, CEO . Another success, is that we succeeded in placing our Vectron loco 243 exactly behind the pulpit for everyone to view. At approximately 14:00, after the band cutting, Hector Rail opened the track and departed according to the timetable.