Hector Rail provides traction to the “Blue Train” between Gothenburg and Stockholm

Hector Rail has entered into an agreement with Skandinaviska Jernbanor to haul their so-called ”Blue Train” between Stockholm and Gothenburg. This means that the Blue Train is back on the market from and including 11 December 2016. The Blue Train is a popular passenger train which focuses on the genuine travel experience and with a high level of service and the on-board food.

Blue Train began operating December 11, 2011 and has since its inception been a unique offering in the Swedish travel market.

Scandinavian Jernbanor, the company behind the ”Blue Train”, has decided to hire Hector Rail as responsible for the formal train production including providing traction. Skandinaviska Jernbanor will focus on its core business, the travel experience.

“The Blue Train” takes railways proud tradition as a way to the future of the Railway. Hector Rail’s contribution to this is to use our expertise to secure the rail production.

Initially, 13 round trips per week will be produced. Five of these round trips are done with the, from a service level, somewhat less advanced, ”Green Train”. The number of trains can be increased during the five-year contract period.