Hector Rail takes speed record on rail in Denmark

The night between 21 and 22 March operated Hector Rail on behalf of Bane Danmark (Danish Infrastructure Authority) a test train with a speed of 235.8 km / h. It is speed record for trains in Denmark.

Hector Rail was acting as operator and provided locomotives and drivers for the tests that were conducted on behalf of Bane Danmark. The tests took place at the Great Belt Bridge and the highest achieved speed was 235.8 km / h, setting a new speed record for trains in Denmark.

It is Hector Rail’s ambition to constantly take the railway to new levels and this is a good example to visualise this ambition.

The locomotive used in the tests is a so-called ”Taurus locomotive”. The locomotives are built and approved for 230 km / h. Hector Rail has seven such locomotives in its fleet.