Hector Rail provides traction to TX Logistik’s intermodal trains between Sweden and the continent

On Monday November 9 the first train ran with Hector Rail as traction provider to TX Logistik. TX Logistik is very focused on the quality level of its intermodal train services provided to different forwarders. TX Logistik has authorised Hector Rail to be their traction provider for their Scandinavia – Continent services on the stretch between the Swedish terminals and the Danish — German border in Padborg. The first trains have now been run and TX Logistik and Hector Rail can with satisfaction experience a well working joint set-up. The parties have entered into a three year co-operation agreement.

TX Logistik has decided to go for a solution to outsource traction in Scandinavia. Hector Rail was chosen as their supplier for the international traction services between Scandinavia and the continent. This means Hector Rail will run six trains per week between Malmö and Padborg (Danish – German border) and two trains per week between Gothenburg and Padborg. The trains then run in Germany down to Herne by TX Logistik.