Hector Rail transports bio fuel by rail to Fortum Värme’s new combined heat and power plant

Fortum Värme has signed a five year agreement with Hector Rail for rail transports to their new combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Hjorthagen in Stockholm. The trains will be loaded with bio fuel at terminals in central Sweden, southern Norrland and eastern Norway.

The trains will be hauled by electric locomotives wherever possible. Hector Rail’s electric locomotives are equipped with the latest technology, enabling conversion of braking energy to electricity which is fed back to the electric grid. To further minimize the environmental impact, the shunting in Värtan will be done with a battery powered engine. This will be charged with renewable energy from Fortum Värme’s new CHP plant. The rail transports will start in conjunction with the start-up of the new plant, early 2016.

Hector Rail and Fortum Värme have in this project jointly developed a solution which demonstrates how efficient and environmentally friendly a rail solution can be.

Fortum Värme will invest 7 billion SEK in CHP production in the coming years. By 2030, 100% of Stockholm’s district heating will be produced by renewable and recycled energy. The current share is 86%.

Transports are of critical importance to Fortum Värme, and the Bio fuel to the new CHP plant in Hjorthagen will arrive by sea and rail, minimizing the negative environmental impact.