Stora Enso increases volumes with Hector Rail

Since January 2008 Hector Rail has run approximately 550,000 cubic meters of timber per year for Stora Enso. The volumes are transported to the paper mills in Skoghall (Karlstad) and Grums. Stora Enso has decided to increase its business with Hector Rail by adding 300,000 cubic meters to the existing volumes adding up to a total of 850,000 cubic meters per year. The extended contract starts December 12, 2011 and ends December 31, 2016.

Since its inception, Hector Rail has engaged one electric locomotive, one diesel locomotive and approximately 30 four-axle timber wagons in the traffic for Stora Enso. The locomotives will be used more efficiently in the new operation, and approximately 20 four-axle wagons will be added to the system.

The extended agreement means that new loading terminals will be added, e.g. Torsby and Falköping. The new contract also gives the company Trätåg AB a possibility to use Hector Rail’s services. Trätåg AB is jointly owned by Stora Enso and Korsnäs, with the purpose to supply timber train solutions for the two owners. Also the existing terminals in Norway, including the remote locations Otta and Tynset, will benefit from increased capacity.

The new agreement is for five years and replaces the previous agreement of which one year remained. Hector Rail plans to recruit a number of drivers for this new agreement.