Hector Rail strengthen its organisation

Hector Rail has strengthened its organisation. This has been necessary to meet demands from current and new customers for increasing business volumes.

Jonas Swartling has started as Commercial Manager within Hector Rail. Jonas has previously worked as Key Account Manager for the automotive industry within Green Cargo. You can contact Jonas at jonas.swartling@hectorrail.com.

Lennart von der Burg has started as Rolling Stock Manager. Lennart’s previous position was within Bombardier Transportation as Project Manager. You can contact Lennart at Lennart.von_der_burg@hectorrail.com .

Both Lennart and Jonas are members of Hector Rail’s management team. Other members are Mats Nyblom, Managing Director; Thomas Persson, CFO; Leif Gustafsson, Operations and Safety Manager and Hans-Åke Gustavsson, Product Development Manager.

Replacement for Sune Hector
On September 1, Ulf Boogh will start working for Hector Rail as senior planner within Product Development. Ulf Boogh will take over tasks from Sune Hector, who retires at the age of 68 with over 50 years within the railway industry! Ulf Boogh has previously worked with Green Cargo.