Hector Rail buys high speed locomotives

Hector Rail is buying one locomotive from MRCE (Mitsui Rail Capital Europe B.V.), with the option to buy an additional four. The locos have a maximum speed of up to 230 km/h, faster than any locomotive currently used in Sweden. The locomotives have an installed power of 6,400 kW (short term 7,000 kW) twice as much as an X2000-unit or an Rc-loco - the standard Swedish locomotive. The investment strengthens Hector Rail's existing fleet of 32 line haul locomotives.

The “Taurus-locos”, are a European standard loco built by Siemens, with more than 400 units produced between 1999 and 2006. The seller is MRCE (Mitsui Rail Capital Europe B.V.) one of Europe’s leading railway rolling stock lease companies with a loco fleet of approximately 300 units. The first locomotive will be delivered on Monday 16th August. Tests will begin immediately to ascertain approval to operate on the Swedish network.

This type of locomotive is of course a very competent traction concept for fast and heavy passenger trains, and consequently an interesting resource in the current opening of the passenger market in Sweden. But since it is a universal loco it can also provide cost efficient traction for freight trains.

The maximum speed is 230 km/hour, faster than any other railway vehicle in Sweden. The locomotives are approximately ten years old. As asynchronous locomotives, they are based on the same technology as those presently being built. Like all contemporary electric locomotives they have electric brakes which generate power that is fed back into the railway's system and utilised by its other vehicles. Using this type of locomotive is the most environmentally friendly approach to providing land-based transport.

Short technical data
Maximum speed: 230 km/h
Weight: 85 tons
Maximum power: 6,400 kW (short term 7,000 kW)
Number of axles: 4
Length: 19.28 meters


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